General Information

You can meet our Chief Guest Relations Manager who will explain all the procedures and you can also opt for a ‘Book a tour at Ravina’ for you to have a look at the facility. You will be assigned with one of the consultants of Ravina who will walk you through and you need to make an advance payment of Rs, 10,000 for the confirmation.

It is advised that you be associated with one practitioner at Ravina right through your stay and book at the earliest.

You might like a particular room after you see the hospital during your Ravina tour. You can subsequently let us know by writing it down on the sheet on booking confirmation. But this would not be a guarantee as room allocation is dependent on availability .

You can go through the list of doctors on the website who are consulting at Ravina. Alternatively you can come to Ravina and meet one of our Ravina Guest Relations Executive who will talk to you on the doctors who are specializing here and their expertise.

All our rooms at Ravina primarily are designed to make your stay at Ravina a happy and comfortable stay. The Executive Premium suites are the premium rooms that are available with the necessary requirements of safety, hygiene and comfort and are on twin sharing basis. The Luxury Suites are the ultra-elite rooms that are more spacious and for those who want a luxurious stay that can now be available at affordable and have complete privacy. You can come and meet the Ravina Guest Relations Executive who will explain more details on the rooms.

It is recommended that you immediately call your obstetrician who will advise you on the next course of action of getting reviewed at Ravina or anything appropriate course of action if it is not an emergency but a reviewed action to be taken at home. If you are unable to get through your obstetrician, do not panic.

We at Ravina work as a small but thoroughly dedicated unit who are focused on looking after smaller group of patients but operate in a highly professional manner.

The luxury suites have the facility where the partner or any other relative who wishes to accompany and be of support can stay with the new mother. In Executive premiums the rooms are on twin sharing basis and even there the husband or a companion can and see the progress of the recovery of the new mother and be with the newborn.

There are no visiting restrictions but Ravina recommends all its patients to invite minimum friends and relatives to minimize infection and help the hospital maintain better hygiene and care. Again those who are very close to the couple and want to visit the new parents or see the woman patient who is admitted for any gynecological procedures, they can do so but after 10 pm and earlier to 7 am is not allowed.